Disabled Access

Cavern Club and Cavern Live Lounge

There are 33 steps down from the street level into the Cavern Club.

For visitors who are unable to walk up or down the steps, there is a lift in the building which can be used to access the club with the assistance of a member of staff.

There is a ramp inside the venue from the upper level of the Cavern Live Lounge to the lower level, the rest of the club is flat.   Wheelchair users can only use this ramp with the assistance of a member of staff or a helper.

The toilets in the Cavern Club are wheelchair accessible, but there is no disabled toilet facility within in the club.  There are disabled toilets in The Cavern Restaurant which is directly opposite The Cavern Club, please ask a member of staff to assist.

Some events are standing or have limited unreserved seating. Please call us in advance of your visit on 0151 236 1965 if you require any disabled seating or if you need any additional assistance.

Cavern Pub

There are 12 steps from the street level into the Cavern Pub.  There is no lift to access the venue.

Magical Mystery Tour

There is no wheelchair access on to the Magical Mystery Tour bus.   Disabled people who can manage 3 steps with assistance can be accommodated on the bus with the wheelchair stowed in the luggage hold.  Please contact us when you have bought your tickets so we can reserve seats at the front of the bus for you.

Disabled people who use guide, hearing and other assistance dogs are welcome on the Magical Mystery Tour.  Please contact us if you would like to book seats on the tour so we can book an extra seat free of charge to allow space for the dog.