The Cavern Pub


It’s great to welcome back Solihull Schools who will takeover the Front Stage, Live Lounge and Cavern Pub throughout Monday, followed by our usual programme featuring resident artists.

Midday – 5pm: Solihull Rocks The Cavern 2021
Midday: Langley (The DeMontford School)
1:15pm: Arden (Lawn Manor School)
3pm: Code 4 (Solihull Academy)
3:3opm: Superkicks (Solihull Academy)
4:00pm: Roadmen (Soilihull Academy)

5:15pm – 7:00pm: Jonny Parry
7:15pm – 9:00pm: Callum Mac
9:15pm – Midnight: Jay Murray

Midday – 7pm: Solihull Rocks The Cavern 2021
12:40pm: Lyndon, Shirley Heath (JHNCC Parkhall)
2:30pm: Drumsitz (Lawn Manor)
4:00pm: SMC Ukuleles/Guitar (SMC)
4:30pm: SMC Jazz (SMC)
5:30pm: Jazz Matter (SMC)
6:00pm: Soul Matters (SMC)

Midday – 4pm: Solihull Rocks The Cavern 2021
12:40pm: Michael Macourt Trio
1:15pm: The DeMontford School
2:00pm: Solihull Academy
3:00pm: Lawn Manor School

*Please note, all acts subject to change without prior notice

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