Beatles Complete

Younger music fans are discovering the Beatles for the first time, almost as a new band, such is the timeless appeal of this music, and that’s before you even delve into their solo careers!

 ‘so let me introduce to you’ Beatles Complete, one of the youngest tribute bands we have ever had in The Cavern Club ! These local lads were just aged 14-18 when they took the stage at last year’s Beatleweek festival to make their debut both at the festival and as a band !  They began in 2020 with Max (George) and Joe (Paul).  Joe was purchasing a Hofner violin bass at his local music store and spotted an ad for the band. A year later, George (ex LIPA) and Tom joined as John and Ringo.).

Together they have decided to start the next generation of moptops and have gone on to become a Resident band on  The Cavern’s Saturday afternoon bill. See them at 2.15 and 4.15  . Expect the raw energy of the early Beatles and enjoy…. Beatles Complete!

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